Identify Green, Yellow and Red Zones


The peak flow charts on this website have three bands, called the Green Zone, Yellow Zone and Red Zone.

Your peak flow readings will fluctuate every day. A health person without asthma peak flow readings would fluctuate by a small amount. There are many factors which can affect your peak flow reading. The aim of the coloured zones is to identify if the fluctuations are within an acceptable level.

Green Zone

You should aim to maintain your peak flow readings within the green zone. The green zone shows that your peak flow reading is within 80% to 100% of your personal best peak flow reading.  If your readings are within the green zone then you should be relatively symptom free and should continue your current asthma treatment plan.

Yellow Zone

The yellow zone shows that your asthma is getting worse and you need to temporary increase your asthma medication. If your peak flow readings do not return back to the green zone, then you may need to change your asthma treatment plan. Please consult your doctor or asthma nurse.

Red Zone

The red zone is the danger zone. If your peak flow readings are within the red zone then you need to take immediate action. Please consult your doctor or asthma nurse.

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My Goal


My goal is to help everyone with asthma to lead a healthier and happier life. By helping people to record and track there asthma. You can better control their asthma, which leads to less asthma attacks.

This website will allow you to create an online diary of your peak flow readings. The readings are then plotted on an interactive graph which users can use to visualise there peak expiratory flow rate readings.  The graph has colour coded bands that will help to identify if your asthma is improving or deteriorating.

The site also facilitates recording life factors and medications. Both of these can have effect on your peak flow reading and therefore need recording.

I hope that you find the Peak Flow Diary website helpful .

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