Recording Life Factors that affect Asthma


The activities you do and the objects that you come into contact with every day can have an affect on your Asthma. For example going to the gym, walking the dog, doing DIY, etc. On the Peak Flow Diary website we call these events life factors.

Using the Peak Flow Diary website you can record these Life Factors to help explain any changes in you Peak Flow Readings.

On the Chart page click the Life Factors Icon which is situated below the graph. The icon looks like a flag.

Life Factors Icon

Then enter the date of the event and then enter a description of the event in the the text box. When finished click the Record button to save the Life Factor.

Recording Life Factors

The life factor is then displayed on the graph as a red circle. Clicking on the red circle will display the description of the life factor.

Displaying Life Factors

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